"Pamela Jean Noble has a vision to start an animal sanctuary..."

...and that vision is backed by raw-wholehearted dedication and love. Rather than wait until land is bought, vets are hired, and all the other items get checked off so she can give that love to any animal that needs a loving home, she is laying the groundwork early; through Noble Critters.

Fortunately, Pamela has become known and loved by friends, family, and the over 4 million people in which she shares her life with; from personal posts to those geared towards her career in acting and modeling, and always being glam. Pamela has, and is, something quite unique. The ability to capture such a vast amount of love and respect from those who follow her from of all walks of life, close or far, East to West, family to fan; having millions of followers can be a very powerful tool and “influence” others. How one chooses to use that- well that’s for them to decide. However, one thing is clear when it comes to Pamela’s following and fan base and how it is utilized- to make a change for the better. Although her animal sanctuary is not built yet, and Noble Critters is brand new; her career that has boosted her into the spotlight, is anything but new, and built to get Noble Critters started on the right paw from day 1. You will see her walking the Runway, to walking the Red Carpet, at Charity Fundraisers and prestigious Gala’s; and has been around the world (sometimes meeting and wanting to bring all the Critters she meets home) for photoshoots and filming TV shows; however, deep down she is a country girl at heart.

With the 4+ MILLION people, or “followers”; she has gained the biggest “fan zone” and support system a person wanting to make a change for the better could ask for and she is extremely grateful.

Years of work, and relentless passion for everything she does is now going to help Critters in need, and allow her Foundation to give each of them a Noble life. Pamela has a pursuit to love animals unconditionally, save animals when on the side of the road or a field, open a sanctuary, and with that type of determination, it is infectious in the best way possible.

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